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How could you go wrong? Danette’s website is here. To visit her blog, click here. Amazon is selling her book somewhere vicinity here. And I’ll tell you all about it here: Spunky, headstrong Violet Raines is happy with things just the way they are in her sleepy backwoods Florida town.

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Happy New Year’s Eve! The Bite of the Wolf replaces the title Betrayal of the Wolf, and that and another, titled for now, Allure of the Wolf, will both be coming out in the Fall of I’m currently working on Plight of the Wolf and Night of the Wolf, and a fan has already listed both on their Listmania at Amazon picked up from a blog I must have done–which means someone actually reads some of my blogs!!! So that was really nice.

Even though I know the titles will change.

Malena Lott Dear Librarian, I’m pleased to introduce my humorous and poignant novel, DATING DA VINCI, just in time for the joyous holiday season. I loved marrying two of my passions –the genius da Vinci with his desire for discovery and my desire to help women discover their best life.

So when he turns up dead everyone is a suspect. Venetia is an interior designer who is in a loveless marriage and desperately wants to have something else besides her career to fulfill her. Camilla is a rising political star who is destined for great things but has a long list of unworthy lovers. Then there is Cate who is launching a magazine and is looking for love. Serena is a famous actor and party girl who is constantly in the paparazzi’s sights.

When the sisters meet up after the death of their father, someone shows up and starts claiming that one of them killed their father and he knows who. A great book with a mysterious twist – you’ll find it hard to put down. Being thirty-nine and divorced. Guided by friends Lucy, who’s married with two children, and Jess, a single GP who has lots of one-night stands, Daisy embarks on dating again. She goes on a blind date with an older man, has a fling with a twenty-something guy, considers a relationship with her best male friend and even gets involved with her very rich former boyfriend and possible soulmate, who unfortunately is about to marry an heiress.

Written by the author of the widely panned Princess in Love about Princess Diana and her cad James Hewitt , I must admit I was very apprehensive about this book and after reading it I still can’t say if I liked it or hated it. It introduces a number of terms such as the sexual sorbet first person you sleep with after a break-up; it removes the taste of a bad relationship and PDD post divorce date. Now, after the death of her husband Steven, Daisy returns to Texas with her son.

Malena Lott on Coffee with an Author 11/03 by I just finished

His passionate marriage to Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine is as volatile as ever and their sons are nearing adulthood. As Henry works to extricate himself from his problems with the Church that were created by the murder of Thomas Becket, his oldest son Hal has plans of his own. Hal has been crowned king while his father still rules and he is chafing under his father’s tight leash.

Like any young man, Hal feels he is ready for responsibility and freedom from oversight. Unfortunately his personality is unsuited for the rigors of ruling a kingdom. He is far too easily swayed by a quiet word in his ear and is unable to make a decision and stand by it.

Review: Dating Da Vinci by Malena Lott Thirty-six year old Ramona Elise has been a widow for two years. Her husband died suddenly and she has been living in a fog of grief ever since.

Sold to Bethany House. Sold to William Morrow. Sold to Steeple Hill. Sold to Howard Books. Sold to Chelsea Green. A Guide for a Drug-Free, Joyful Birthing Experience, encouraging women to embrace pregnancy and birthing as a sacred experience by helping them to prepare, envision, and create an environment for themselves in which this is possible, including the Nine Basic Human Rights paralleling the nine months of pregnancy.

Sold to Cumberland House.

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Happily, Lott takes her story in several surprising directions: Malena Lott is a skilled writer and I look forward to reading more from her. With national speaking experience, she is a brand and marketing consultant and facilitates personal and professional development workshops for women. Lott is a married mother of three and resides in Oklahoma. Lott invites you to her web site where she has posted cooking videos, and contests:

This story had all the hallmarks of a good mystery, false identities, red herrings, car chases, gun fights, crazy people, and of course Sherlock Holmes.

I keep it handy to consult as new or persistent challenges arise, particularly with recruiting new foster parents with the usual nonprofit marketing budget limitations. They define how marketing in nonprofit organizations differs from marketing for-profit businesses, tapping into the values and beliefs of those with big hearts and selfless souls. They give real-world tactics that any organization can start applying right away to promote their organizations better. For example, when the authors talk about using mission statements to inform guerrilla marketing, they offer a three-sentence guerrilla mission statement pp.

They take the reader through the process in a step-by-step fashion that is easy to follow. The book goes over traditional tactics, as well a modern ones, such as how to use social media effectively for nonprofit marketing. The 7-sentence marketing plan is brilliant for nonprofits p. Suddenly marketing plans are demystified and easy to construct. I have been working in marketing of educational programs since This book opened my eyes in a way that few other books have.

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I love to go to the movie theater. And me and my fav comic go to the movies 2 to 3 times a month. We try to choose a movie that would be great to see on the big screen.

Malena Lott’s DATING DAVINCI, the story of a young widow and mother who finds ‘vita allegre’ with the help of a handsome, year-old Italian immigrant named Leonardo da Vinci as they experience their own renaissance with her as his Mona Lisa.

The producers of Buried Strangers have finished packaging the film. Gage took the opportunity to interview one of his characters about the casting. How do you feel about that? Let me ask you a question. Did you have anything to do with it? I only wrote the book, and in Hollywood— CA: I asked you a simple question. Stop hogging my air time.

Dating da Vinci : a tale of love, longing, and la dolce vita (Book, ) []

Here she lays out some casting ideas for a film adaptation of the novel: I love movies almost, but not quite, as much as I love books. In writing classes, you often get the tip to find models or actors in magazines to cut out and storyboard for the physical character development of your novel. I tend to choose actors because I may like certain mannerisms or their charisma on screen, just as much as having the “look” I’m going for.

I did this with Dating da Vinci, a tale of love, longing and la dolce vita.

Guest Blogger: Malena Lott I am just thrilled that Malena Lott, author of DATING DA VINCI, agreed to write a guest post for Booking Mama. I read and reviewed DATING DA VINCI (you can read my review), and I thought this book was very entertaining.

Dating da Vinci Sourcebooks Casablanca Resides: We have a revitalized downtown, cultural Bricktown area, multi-million dollar arena and convention center, our first-ever NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and great cost of living. You only have six hours to spend there. What do you do? What are you working on now? Tell us about your process. I like to go with the flow when it comes to writing. I usually write in the morning with two cups of coffee. Lift your head and look around.

What do you see? I see a beautiful built-in bookshelf in my library, colors of red, gold and green in the furniture and home decor and tiger print carpet.

I Don’t Mean to Rant, But . . .

So very, very much has happened since I last posted: I lost my mom, the Tar Heels won, the Tar Heels lost, I got a job, we have a new president, and this past weekend, some wacko shot some people over what may be political hatred. I just have to comment. Plus, I wanted to keep a list of the books I have read like I did in

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Instead she was the result of a backstage fling between her mother and Rick Wild, who has gone on to become a rock god. Despite not exactly enjoying a joyful reunion with her long-lost dad, Lola leaves behind her policing job and England to go on tour in America with his band Poleaxe. But will she survive life on the road with an overindulged rock star, a jealous wife, a crazed fan and her half-siblings, spoilt Tiffany and resentful Jay? Unlikely to be a hit.

Emma Ronson has swapped a career in serious journalism for daytime talk show The Beehive. And she’s sharing the couch with an ageing news diva who has her claws into Emma for stealing her media mogul boyfriend. Co-host Simone Williams, a former teen model, is drowning in debt and her famous ex has just crossed the line from stalker to psycho. Will a second novel live up to the hype after a successful debut?

MY BOOK, THE MOVIE: Malena Lott’s “Dating da Vinci”

February 18, Vita allegre. His eyes danced with excitement and awe and insatiable curiousity. Not just for America.

Nov 02,  · New from Sourcebooks Casablanca: Malena Lott’s Dating da Vinci. About the book, from the author’s website: I wrote the story of Ramona Elise Griffen (Mona Lisa) because so many women can relate to a time in your life when you need a renaissance – an awakening.

I mean to say I took home Leonardo da Vinci, the living, breathing man; only not that man, the genius from the fifteenth century, but a young Italian immigrant who shared his name in modern day Austin, Texas. It is far more accurate to say I took home Italian for dinner. It began innocently enough, with me breaking my rule yet again not to get involved with a student, but I assure you I had never gotten this involved before.

My students, all adults ranging in age from their twenties to their sixties, shuffled into the cramped classroom with the wide-eyed wonder of children on the first day of school. I smoothed my blonde hair behind my ear and reviewed the student roster on my clipboard: Of the 6, known living languages in the world, I had personally encountered more than fifty in my role as an English language instructor to immigrants including those speaking languages most Americans have never heard of, like Balochi, Dari, Pashto, and Tajik.

But it wasn’t an unfamiliar language that caused me to catch my breath. It was a name, jumping off the page like a typo or emblazoned in lights on a marquee. And lastly, the one that caused the hair on the back of my neck to stand: My best friend says that funny tickle is the breeze of fate telling you your life is about to change, but I’d been walking around in a fog so long I barely noticed. I surveyed the students—none remotely resembling an Italian.

I’d encountered people with famous names before: This I had to see. I imagined he would resemble the only sketch I’d ever seen of the artist da Vinci:

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