Ahn Hyung Seob says he considered giving up becoming a singer

Shinee Onew was discovered at the S. He received great appreciation from Lee Soo-man , S. Entertainment’s founder, at Girls’ Generation’s debut showcase. Lee Soo-man noticed him and wanted to hear him sing during a one time on the spot audition. He signed the contract with the company the day after he auditioned. Musical acting, acting debut and solo activities[ edit ] In , Onew tried his hands at songwriting and together with his bandmate Minho, wrote the lyrics for the song, “Your Name” from Shinee’s second studio album Lucifer.

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Some people go on to say that if you can’t come up with an original idea, don’t even bother trying to make the work, despite the fact that most original works get ignored because of lack of advertising or that it’s just not something publishers recognize and they’re afraid to give it a chance. It’s often a Catch when genuine attempts to shake up the market are ignored, whereas Strictly Formula works fly off the shelves because of the familiarity, despite the criticisms of lack of originality.

Of course, many times creators do borrow ideas from another work as inspiration to create new stories and concepts. Considering that just about everything has been done, it’s difficult to properly think of something new and fresh. This is not always the case, however, as sometimes creators deliberately try to copy a particular franchise as soon as its success becomes evident. They will immediately try to make something to compete — and most of the time it will fail miserably, because it was rushed or just implemented poorly.

it’s about the girl accidently overhearing the boy with the dark hair breaking up with the other boy with the red hair and she then gets noticed by both of them and kind of gets entangled with both.

Saturday, May 3, Korean Webtoons Something that Korea has but America doesn’t – webtoons, or comic on the website, hence the same. So it’s like manga that’s available online As I live in America, I know the prejudices that the majority of American students have against manga. Unless you read manga, they’re just looked down upon as some comic book that too-old students read. But actually, these are not mere comic books, as the content is not always suit for some little kids.

Not only that, it’s not accurate to say manga isn’t a good read because you assume that the difficulty level is low. So I just wanted to shed light on this fact for those of you who may have these kinds of prejudice. Anyway, manga is actually a Japanese term and they are Japanese. I’m bringing up manhwa because our 21st century has allowed for a new way of viewing manhwas, and it’s through the Internet.

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Some people go on to say that if you can’t come up with an original idea, don’t even bother trying to make the work, despite the fact that most original works get ignored because of lack of advertising or that it’s just not something publishers recognize and they’re afraid to give it a chance. It’s often a Catch when genuine attempts to shake up the market are ignored, whereas Strictly Formula works fly off the shelves because of the familiarity, despite the criticisms of lack of originality.

Of course, many times creators do borrow ideas from another work as inspiration to create new stories and concepts.

Summary: Doctor K is a doctor with exceptional skill. Graduated from a top-tier, high profile medical college, instead of working in a hospital or running his own clinic, he prefers to live his life wandering around to treat people in needs of help.

Life on Earth was nearly eradicated in World War III, and under the leadership of the Patriarch of the Church of the Resurrection, Earth society was rebuilt into a collection of over independent city-states. The city-states were only allowed to engage in conflicts with one another within the game. City-state leaders that attempted to ignore Church Canon were destroyed, along with their armies, by the Church’s orbital particle cannons. For more than a thousand years, there have been no wars fought on the Earth’s soil.

With the release of Primacy Online VI: Each city-state will lock 50, draftees into cryogenic capsules and upload their minds into a game sheathe, a character. Until the armistice conditions have been reached, they will play Primacy Online in War Mode with their lives on the line. As in all preceding World Wars, the death of their sheathe means their real death, but this time, there is an extra twist to World War IX.

They will form a special contingent in the service of the Church of the Resurrection itself. Patrick Armagh is terminally ill. Afflicted with an incurable degenerative nervous system disorder, he has less than five years to live and should be exempted from the draft, but five years ago, he was given a lifetime ban from Primacy Online for cheating. Along with the other draftees, he will be forced to play Primacy Online VI: If Patrick takes Morgan’s deal, he will face off against all the cheaters in the service of the Church, but he has confidence in his cheating.

The Church never banned Patrick for what he actually did, and with that cheat in his arsenal, he has the chance to become a virtual god within Primacy Online.

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Won Bin gained wide popularity in after starring in the television drama Autumn in My Heart and has since gained critical acclaim for his performances in the films Taegukgi , Mother and The Man from Nowhere. Prior to interest in Korean entertainment, Bollywood had largely been the most popular form of entertainment in the country.

When the Bhutanese film industry launched in the mid s, Bollywood was the only form of influence on the industry.

Currently, there are 26 companies, including Webtoon platform and agency, We are striving to nurture the talents of the Webtoon industry in by opening the ‘Webtoon PD Academy’ for the first time in Korea and the first and second courses of ‘Webtoon Planning and Editing’.

Hero Summoning That Was Full of Mistakes On a windy night… Shimon Kurando, a sophomore at college, stroked his thin beard and cast his gaze at the smartphone in his hand. He wore heavily ripped second-hand jeans and steel-toed work boots, along with a warm flight jacket. It gave an expensive feeling that sharply contrasted with his street clothes.

Although the tip of his nose had become bright red and cold air bit at his skin, he moved his fingers as they grew numb with cold. Kurando While growing irritated, Kurando wiped the terminal screen clouded because of sebum with his cuff. Ignoring the jingling bell sound that came from somewhere, he furiously clicked his tongue. It was already too late. What was wrong, my Sakurako. Kurando Kurando muttered in his mind.

His thoughts concerned none other than his sweetheart. In the first place, he had practically never met Sakurako except on the web. Kurando Kurando was blind with acceptance; someone with any sense at all would knit their eyebrows.

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Zuckerberg unveiled the plans as he addressed Facebook’s annual F8 developers conference in San Jose, California — emphasizing that the focus would be on helping people find long-term partners. Under the new feature, users will be able to create a separate “dating” profile not visible to their network of friends, with potential matches recommended based on dating preferences, points in common and mutual acquaintances. It will be free of charge, in line with Facebook’s core offering.

The announcement sent shares in the online dating giant Match. The year-old CEO also said the dating offer was built from the ground up with privacy and safety in mind, as he underscored the firm’s commitment to boosting privacy protections. Facebook’s closely-watched developer conference comes as the giant faces intense global scrutiny over the mass harvesting of personal data by Cambridge Analytica, a British political consultancy that worked for Donald Trump’s election campaign.

It was a so called online dating website. Since the summer, Kurando already devoted himself to limiting his violence, till the coming of a mixer party in autumn. Halfway, he was expelled from the circle he belonged to for two years.

Gantz Somewhere in Tokyo, there is a room. In that room is a black sphere. Periodically, people who should otherwise have died are transferred to the room. There, the sphere gives them special suits and weapons, and sends them out on a mission to kill aliens here on Earth. While these missions take place, the rest of the world is largely oblivious to them. These missions are lethal – few participants survive them. The sphere calls the shots, and it’s not the slightest bit nice.

Late one night when Jun was out on his bike, he came across a drunk, half-naked girl sprawled on the side of the road. She came to just enough to be uncomfortably affectionate, but Jun took her to his home to sleep it off with gentlemanly discretion.


I suppose I should do a Kakashi-style introduction here, shouldn’t I? Bad grammar, Bad punctuation, Bad spelling, completely random and off the wall plot devices, badly written fics Dreams for the future:

Fisking the Latest Diversity in Sci-Fi Freak Out. August 8, You can tell that the authors are definitely against the demonize-the-Other tactics used by the revolution in their book, but they don’t let any real-world parallels creep in — so it’s not a screed against any particular political philosophy (unless you count “whipping.

The headline is click bait nonsense. The actual content tries to make a point but has to make some really silly assumptions to get to it. Then their solution is ass backwards. This fisking is addressed toward the aspiring authors in the audience. You are trying to make it as a professional author. Lots of things are going to stand in your way. As usual, the original will be in italics and my responses are in bold. While they admit that their methodology has some flaws — they largely worked from self-reported information from the magazines — they believe that the data is largely correct after consulting with an actuary.

Sounds pretty horrible, right? Chris goes into it in detail here https: Keep in mind the regular publishing industry has something like a

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Start with these popular picks! Published Share this on Facebook Tweet this on Twitter Webtoons Korean comics that are released weekly online are extremely popular in Korea. Famous Korean portal sites such as Naver Webtoon and Daum have huge communities that come online every day to enjoy these webtoons. Many webtoons have even been adapted into your favorite K-Dramas!

All he wants is to keep living with her, but Rachel wants to reach the top of the Tower. He meets Noya, a powerful man from a different dimension who teaches him a unique kind of martial arts.

Previous Life. Amakawa Haruto, a college student living in Tokyo. Summer. He was walking below the clear blue sky as the sun shone brightly above.

By rinny I think we could all agree that in the land of dramas, the most common reason for a One True Pair to come together is the magic wand of Fate. But what about the couples that are just a good match? The couples brought together by a more realistic reason? They exist, but they can be a little more difficult to spot in dramaland.

They are commonly found in friends-to-lovers or slice-of-life dramas, where they come across much more organically. This is especially true when the characters go from enemies to lovers, where often, circumstances outside their control keep pushing them together. But of all the non-fated couples, there is a specific set that stands out to me. If I were to write a list of my favorite couples, all the Answer Me couples would rank among the best.

And the reason for their relationships being so great? Fate is not the driving force. Instead, it is because the characters made and acted on choices that followed behavior already set up earlier in the drama. Answer Me The reasons the stories were so well loved and drew so many angry tears, particularly in Answer Me , was because the stories could have gone differently if the characters did not actually take authorship in their own stories.