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Top five party places in Bangalore! By Staff Reporter Published: Bangalore sure does live up to its moniker of Pub City. With the growing influence of western culture, copious numbers of nightclubs, discotheques, lounge and bars have turned up, enhancing the nightlife of Bangalore. Herewith, the nocturnal tourists have got a wide range of places to select from. Besides the lounge parlors, discotheques entertain a big deal of night traffic in the city. Even with the Bangalore has lots of places to party, but here are our top five picks. The amazing array of liquors and spirits, the perfect ambiance and the modern dance floor makes Sutra heaven for all the party animals. Located near the lobby, with a total of 72 covers, including 30 at open terrace, Sutra is the place guests look forward to, at this Bangalore hotel, after having a hectic day at work, to unwind over their favorite drink or even if it is simply relaxing over a round of drinks, before taking some important business discussion head on.

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Get picked up from Bangalore and head to remain marveled at the beauty Gokarna houses. Enjoy the mesmerising sunset and sunrise. Trek through the forest trails from one beach to the other. Behold the adorable shores filled with Book Now d2 Daysn1 Night Gear up for a memorable getaway with places to visit in Gokarna known for its temples and beaches.

What is a Freak Shake?An overindulgent mash-up of dessert and drink is called a Freak Shake. Tempted already? Pune city has become the land of ginormous freak shakes.. If you’re willing to Oreo Walnut Brownie freak shake or even a Red Velvet freak shake, tune into these 5 best in Pune to get the best of milkshake and dessert –. 1. The Greedy Man Pizzeria.

Goa Intinerary – 4 nights, 5 days April last week Apr 14, , 5: My favorite places in Goa: If you happen to stand at some of the right spots the view is better than the best places you have ever seen, Hook up with a local for these spots. The fort and the light house is what most tourists try to capture on camera. Trust me if you happen to notice what I have seen from here you will be amazed at the foolishness of most tourist guides in not showing you those places. There are these kids who earn their living by showing you things using binoculars, ask them to show you around.

If you are lucky, u will see what I have seen. The Flea Market at Anjuna Beach: Bargain, bargain n still bargain…! The final price will leave you satisfied.

Top 5 trending destinations for New Year’s and when to book for the best deal.

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Goa, a state on India’s West coast, is a former Portuguese colony with a rich history. Spread over 3, square kilometres with a population of approximately million, Goa is small by Indian standards. It has a unique mix of Indian and Portuguese cultures and architecture that attracts an estimated million visitors each year (including about , foreign tourists).

Personal blog of a guy from goa ,about three things which concern him the most love , sex , politics and Goa off course Wednesday, April 28, Where to find Sex in Goa? North Goan Beach North goan beaches is the place where you will be able to find some panjim and mapusa is the best bet. Streets are not Avoid wasting your time and money searching them on streets you will never find them ,police is quite strict and they avoid it all together. Parties and Cubs this places you will find girls but be careful since most of them come along with male friends and they are definitely not escorts or call girls , you may impress them by charm and looks may be you can nail a girl , but it never worked for any one i know in person.

Don’t Hit on Gori chamdi all foreigners in goa are not call girls or lose characters who will fall for you and will go with you to bed , so stop hitting on them ,it spoils goa’s name internationally , if you still want to then get ready to be trashed by locals who make more money from this Foreigners then from Indian tourist and will help them if they are in trouble , they even trash local Goans some time so be careful Posted by.

Why I Prefer South Goa Beaches Over North Goa

Toto’s Garage, where Bandra’s locals descend after work. It gets as crowded as a local train, so get there early, pull up a stool and pass the time with a copy of Jeet Thayil’s Narcopolis — a tale of Mumbai’s underworld — while waiting for Bandra’s loyal locals to descend after work for Kingfisher, chicken in wire mesh, and chilli paneer. Cocktails at sunset are popular, with the city’s lights on one side, the sea on the other, and a laid-back crowd moving in between — but by midnight you’ll have to weave around a dancing mob to get to the bar.

Dress up or dress down, but leave the trainers at home. Meaning “the people’s” lunch home, Janata is the place to share a quarter-bottle of rum and half a tandoori chicken for under a fiver, on Formica-topped tables. Serving beer from noon until at least 3am — even when the shutters are down — it’s cheap, cheerful and worth foraging for in Bandra’s backstreets.

Feb 24,  · So my girlfriend and I have split up, and on a whim I’ve booked a flight to Goa to heal my heartache. I’m travelling from the 7th of march till the 17th, i am torn about where to plot up and stay.

Where to go in Kerala, Karnataka and Goa Posted on 2nd September So, as a lot of you who follow me on Social Media will know, Wednesday was my last day working as a teacher in Korea! Continue reading for more details! So excited about this. I was originally going to spend more time in Karnataka visiting the hill stations of Chikmagalur and Coorg but, when I properly got round to researching it, it started to seem like a bit of a hassle. Now, I really love going off the beaten path and being close to nature, but this is my first proper solo trip and I want as few headaches as possible.

The markets here are supposed to be amazing! Am I being melodramatic? Btw, the pic above is from Yala National Park in Sri Lanka- another great place to see elephants in their natural habitat! Kochi, 3 Days A quintessential stop on any Kerala tour, Kochi is one of the oldest fishing ports in India and has a mix of both Chinese and European influences. I find places like this so interesting so I decided to spend a few days here and see all of the sights!

This will also be the first port of call on my Go Mowgli tour. Thekkady, 2 Days Thekkady is one of the 8th most biodiverse places in the world. This is the place to go to spot loads of wildlife.

Best Places to Fish in Southeast Asia

India – Chance of Getting Laid? Scratch India off the sex destination list. I love Indian food and I’m sure it’s a really colorful culture, but I have little desire to go to any place full of open sewers, malaria, cholera and terrorism. My uncle who has been there numerous times says he often sees people defecating in the streets.

Plus the guys at Go Mowgli can hook you up with loads of discounts for attractions and accommodation, and show you the local side of all the tourist places. I hope some of you guys can accompany me on the tour because I’d love to meet you and do this South India itinerary with you, too!

Like every tourist, we get pulled towards the nightlife, water-sports, beach shacks and the delicious seafood in Goa. This party capital of India has something more to offer in every visit. Benaulim and Colva beaches are popular for water sports, Palolem for beautiful sunsets, Cavelossim for Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant, Majorda for finger licking Goan food and butterfly beach obviously for exotic butterflies and gold fishes.

Every South Goan beach has something unique to offer, and as a traveler we always look forward to new experiences. We have been to Goa five times in the last 3 years and still look forward to at least one Goa trip every year. We prefer the serene and quite South Goa beaches over the popular nightlife at North Goa beaches. Here are the reasons: Beautiful roads – Get mystified by the beauty of the South Goa roads. You come across beautiful lakes and unloved and abandoned cruise ships every now and then.

How to Rent a House in Goa

It is known somewhat incorrectly as the Pink City due to the distinct color of its buildings. Jaipur is known as much for its fascinating monuments and colorful markets as it is for its gorgeous handloom garments and wonderfully laid-out gardens. It is really not very difficult to fall in love with Jaipur the moment you land here. Not only does it attract domestic travelers, Jaipur is often an important stopover for foreign tourists.

Jaipur also serves as a stepping stone for those who want to travel to the interiors of Rajasthan.

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Dec 16, at Because it’s December and the best time of the year to be in Goa. From beaches and sunbathing to loud and lavish parties, Goa has it all. But that’s not it, it’s December so no summer sweat, wet beaches and off-season glitches to keep you from having the time of your life! And then there’s Christmas and New Years, so need I say more? Here are 25 things you don’t want to miss doing in Goa this December! Pack your bags and leave right now! Sunbathing at the beach Away from the mundane city life, Goa is the kind of stop all of us wish for.

And If you’re coming from up-north, wouldn’t it be a wonderful break from Winters?

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In Goa they speak Konkani. The currency is rupees. It is not an international airport unless you take a charted flight from say Manchester or somewhere in Russia. There is a risk for malaria and a small risk for dengue. There are fabulous hospitals and many come to Goa for medical tourism to get plastic surgery or dental work on the cheap.

You cannot drink the water.

Jul 25,  · My favorite places in Goa: North Goa: Fort Aguada: If you happen to stand at some of the right spots the view is better than the best places you have ever seen, Hook up Status: Resolved.

Everyone wishes to set off to a new place for a new beginning especially the souls that wish to make the most of their life. But travelling overseas specially during the holiday season maybe a costly affair and so you must book the tickets at the best deals well on time. This season I researched in for my readers and made a list of places around New Year for along with the best time for booking flights. Over the years people have begun to travel to this cool beach place and it has become one of the most searched destinations around New Years.

There has been an increase of approximately percent year over year in the searches. The best time to book a nominally priced trip is around two weeks before your departure. It will cost you a median airfare of INR If you book a flight around six weeks prior you your departure you can visit this Renaissance city at a median INR fare. The cheapest median airfare at INR can be availed 10 weeks before departure. Cartagena, Colombia Image source-Cartagena Colombia Rentals If you are a heritage lover and like to indulge in culture and traditions Cartagena, Colombia is the best place for you around New years.

Also it is the most traveled places around 1st January by regular travelers.

The stoner’s guide to weed in India

All narcotics in India are illegal. However, followers of the Hindu god Shiva believe smoking marijuana is a way of worshipping the god. Marijuana in India is generally of poor quality, especially when compared to weed in Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands. Forget weed for a bit and forgive me for using weed as a blanket term , and prepare to switch to hash!

If you are looking for a party, then go to North Goa. Places to visit in North Goa – Aquada Fort, Charpora fort and beach, Arambol beach, baga beach, Vagator beach. There are some good places for snacks at Anjuna beach. If you have got long – try visiting old Goa, churches and Dudhsagar falls. Falls is about 70 kms from Panjim.

And the placement of my router is far from ideal. You see, because I need a hardline to my desktop PC in my office, that means keeping the router in the office, too, or snaking around fifty feet of unsightly ethernet from my living room along the wall in-wall cabling is not an option for me. This presents a conundrum, because it means that if I want my apartment to have well-distributed Wi-Fi, I need a big, ugly, long cable running the length of the place.

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