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What do you do? I am the managing director of my namesake brand Roja Parfums, which creates luxury fragrances and candles. I founded it in and today my products are sold in my standalone Mayfair boutique, Harrods and Selfridges. We have a presence in more than 50 countries. Revenues are up this year — having put my life savings into bottles, boxes and caps, I am pleased to say that this risk has paid off. What was your biggest break? I took a gamble when I left my studies to accept a job at French perfumery house Guerlain.

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Cedarwood Ambergris Once the heart subsides, musk and woody resin begin to emerge from the base. The resulting blend of amber and animal musk creates a heavy, tantalising base. A complex bouquet of guaiacwood and ambergris create the vivid sensation of tobacco. Furthermore, the tonka bean interacts wonderfully with the musk accord, creating the sensation of vanilla pipe tobacco.

However, dry notes of cedarwood provide contrast with a sense of freshness. Although there are notable differences and the overall experiences are unique, both are comparable fragrances. Similarly, their life cycles follow a comparable dry-down. For instance, The One features particular notes such as the grapefruit, which are present throughout the head and heart. Other notes transition independently of their tiers and will develop several accords throughout.

The two initial phases consist of a similar duration before revealing very similar bases. However, their respective bases are entirely distinctive. Whilst Armani Code seeks to create independent accords of leather and tobacco, The One focuses all its attention on the latter.

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Where the scent of yesterday’s vogue lives. It was taken by Richard Avedon in when Liz was in her prime. Perhaps this Liz could have worn Halston Night and owned it completely. But of course she no longer existed by the time Halston Night perfume was released in

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Fragrance Storage Tips Welcome! Please understand that this website is not affiliated with any of the perfume companies written about here in any way, it is only a reference page and repository of information for collectors and those who have enjoyed the classic fragrances of days gone by. One of the goals of this website is to show the present owners of the various perfumes and cologne brands that are featured here how much we miss the discontinued classics and hopefully, if they see that there is enough interest and demand, they will bring back these fragrances!

Please leave a comment below for example: These delightful French handiworks often covered hand mirrors, hair brushes, clothes brushes, vanity trays, powder boxes, hair receivers, glove boxes, pin trays, perfume bottles, compacts, vanity cases, and jewel caskets. The objects recalled a romantic era and are very popular with collectors today, but due to the fragility of the materials, they are hard to find in excellent condition.

Jicky Perfume by Guerlain For Women It is a classical fragrance, timeless and elegant containing lavender, bergamot, lemon and mandarin, patchouli, vanilla, amber and musk. It is kind of light refreshment, quite suitable as rejuvenating cologne, zesty, fresh, clean, captivating, glamorous and seductive makes others attract and incline towards.

Friday, August 24, Guerlain Parure Extreme Foundation Swatches Guerlian’s Parure Extreme Foundation SPF 25 is touted as a very long wearing skin base, able to withstand extreme weather conditions both hot and cold while maintaining flawless coverage. While I have used this foundation in the past, especially when outdoors in the winter, I wear Beige Clair 02 , it is not in my current rotation since I am generally indoors and don’t need foundation for extreme conditions.

I am happy, however, to share these swatches with my readers Shade descriptions are as follows Very light rosy beige for light skin with pink cool undertones. Very light beige with neutral undertones, suitable for fair to light skin tones my winter shade. Neutral beige for light to medium NC NC30 skin tones my spring and summer shade. Neutral beige for medium NC skin tones. Darkest shade in the spectrum for women of color with neutral undertones.

Warm toned beige for medium NC skin tones. Neutral toned beige for dark NC skin tones. Parure Extreme in direct sunlight.

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His aristocratic clientele remained loyal to him until the French Revolution in It was after that that the Nitot jewellery house really took off, becoming the official jeweller of Napoleon I in Fossin and Morel Periods [ edit ] Assisted by his son Jules , Fossin elegantly interpreted romantic jewellery pieces inspired by the arts of the Italian Renaissance and the French 18th century, but also naturalist-themed pieces.

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By Grace Hummel Shalimar perfume was created in by the perfume house of Guerlain, it is classified as a refined oriental fragrance. Shalimar is the flagship perfume of Guerlain. The design of the bottle was designed by Raymond Guerlain and Baccarat and remains the most successful of all the Guerlain perfumes. It was named after the garden in Srinagar, built for Mumtaz Mahal, wife of Shah Jahan in honor of his wife. Shalimar means ‘Temple of Love’ in Sanskrit. A newspaper advertisement reads “From Guerlain a breath of the desert captured in the fragrance of Shalimar.

The mystery and magic of perfume as portrayed by the exotic East is captured in a subtle fragrance of romantically called Shalimar. Created by Guerlain most famous of perfumers. These bottles are very rare to find and are highly collectible.

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Advanced production technology, strict production standards. Our products fully meet the international inspection standards, we look forward to cooperating with you! Our company was founded in , specializing in the production of high-grade 3D Mink Lashes. Through our joint efforts, many brands have been established, and have been widely recognized by customers. Many people have achieved honor, achievement and outstanding performance in our cooperation.

Our factory covers an area of 1, square meters and has more than skilled workers.

Samsara was offered by Guerlain perfumery in as an eastern floral perfume for women. The oriental substances such as amber, sandalwood and jasmine are deftly combined in a vanilla base to make this fragrance intimately provoking.

Wednesday, April 18, Guide to Vintage Shalimar This is nowhere near complete, but I can find no definitive guide to vintage Shalimar bottles anywhere, so I am going to make my own out of cobbled together information, pictures, and links. Hopefully some will find this, and find it helpful, and please, if you have information to add, share it! According to Elisabeth Barille, “while examining a sample of vanillin, Jacques Guerlain suddenly poured the entire contents into a nearby bottle of Jicky, just to see what would happen.

Shalimar means “Abode of Love” in Sanskrit. Made in for Shalimar. Designed by Raymond Guerlain. It’s one of the few classic Guerlain bottles that has contained just one fragrance, as Guerlain had a habit of reusing its bottles for different perfumes until Jean-Paul Guerlain took over as nose. Shalimar Fourreau du Soir not the red bottle!! Shalimar parfum in Baccarat, only 30 bottles made. This is a newer Baccarat bottle, it is numbered, and the label is the complicated modern version: This bottle with the clear stopper is a bottle of Eau de Toilette Splash.

It is a Special Anniversary Edition and was made in My own bottle, just acquired today. Trying to date this bottle was difficult because it looks vintage, but it had a clear plastic label on the bottom, and the ground glass stopper is also encased in plastic.


My Top 25 Putting this article together has been a big task, and one I’ve been procrastinating on for about a year, but the time has finally come for me to bite the bullet and just get the job done. Several months ago I wrote an article about my Top Ten favorite fragrances, and in it I made note of the fact that I have a Top 25 list as well. This article deals with the other fifteen. You may wonder why I have a list of 25, and not 20, 50 or some other number.

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Monday, February 21, Frequent Questions: How to Date Guerlain Parure Bottles Among the Guerlain fragrances, one of relatively not very old crop is seriously missed by connoisseurs: Parure, with its golden plummy reprise of what made Mitsouko the monument of beauty that it is. Simply put, Parure is a more wearable, more festive Mitsouko, a fruity chypre in the best possible sense “a wildly original blend of lilac and amber, cyprus and plum blossoms” as quoted in a advertisement and one of the last throes of a lineage which includes such beauties as Rochas Femme and Dior’s Diorama.

Parure is discontinued due to not conforming with recent standards of alleged allergens in the industry self-regulating body IFRA , according to an interview which the artistic director of maison Guerlain , Sylvaine Delacourte granted to Perfume Shrine in summer Very much a pity, shooting vintage juice on sale to stratospheric heights and justifiably so: Because Parure not only is lovely to smell, but it also came in some of the most beautiful, unique bottles and packaging in Guerlain history!

In the interests of chronologising your bottles or potential purchases, if you are so lucky as to find any , here is a small guide to Guerlain Parure perfume bottles. The original edition in extrait de parfum is among the most beautiful specimens of crystal making: Six moulds were made by Pochet et du Courval from March till September in the following sizes: A contemporary more standard amphora bottle of the extrait de parfum like the one depicted here was also in circulation as well as the “umbrella flacon” see this article , probably aimed at different markets as is usual with a house with so rich a history as Guerlain.

From October , the production of the magnificent Parure extrait “wave” bottle stopped altogether making the crystal extrait version extremely sought after as a rare collectable. The fragrance was offered instead in standard quadrilobe bottles which also houses many of the house’s extraits to this day, such as Jicky, Nahema, Vol de Nuit etc in sizes 7.

You can see a big picture of it on this article , reviewing a rarer scent in the Guerlain stable, Pour Troubler.

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Also I could probably spot a Baccarat. I thought that all the early gold labels just said Shalimar. But then I found this one on e-bay that claims to be The item number is on case the link doesn’t work.

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In this flowery scent the main note is rose but I feel a bit of jasmine as well. When it dries up, it is kind of powdery. I usually wear it during the day and I get a lot of compliment, it smells very nice on my skin and fits my personality. Sep sphynxcat Just got a small decant of the edp. Pretty much what I expected: A hint of green in there. It’s less fresh and a little more ripe smelling to me.

I can see the NR for Her reference but that one never worked for me-too much orange blossom and I found it headache inducing- in any concentration. Also not a fan of NR musk. Feminine wedding-type scents, and this is the richest and least clean of the 3. Lasts about hours on me, which is plenty since it’s pretty linear. All-in-all, I think Idylle is just plain pretty, with a Spring-like optimism but still displaying warmth and could have come from any house.

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Perfume Bottles Perfume Bottles Perfume bottles are made of cut glass, pressed glass, art glass, silver, metal, enamel, and even plastic or porcelain. Although the small bottle to hold perfume was first made before the time of ancient Egypt, it is the nineteenth- and twentieth-century examples that interest today’s collector.

DeVilbiss Company has made atomizers of all types since but no longer makes the perfume bottle tops so popular with collectors. These were made from to In the 18th century, porcelain was used to make perfume bottles, but glass is used exclusively to make perfume bottles today. The glass bottle may be by any of many manufacturers even if the atomizer is marked DeVilbiss. The word factice, which often appears in ads, refers to large store display bottles. Glass or porcelain examples may be found under the appropriate name such as Lalique, Czechoslovakia, Glass-Bohemian, etc.

These items are part of the online price guide and not for sale.

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