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Biblical Issues Regarding Fornication Singles Sexuality Traditional Church teaching falsely misuses the Bible to judge loving, responsible singles’ sexuality. True Biblical theology begins not with Church tradition and dogma but with the biblical texts themselves. Biblical theology seeks to understand how the biblical authors expressed themselves in the Greek language of New Testament times not expanded by later Greek meanings , in terms of their culture. Only with this understanding is it legitimate to define biblical sexual ethics of the NT and find implications for today. It should also be pointed out that the Bible neither the Old or New Testament is not a text book on sexuality anymore than on science, government or other subjects. In our opinion it is not possible to devise a comprehensive, complete and exclusive sexual ethic from the Bible.

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Sexual relations are considered a dimension of Sabbath pleasure. Therefore Torah scholars fulfill their marital obligations once a week, on the Shabbat. It is prohibited for a man to force his wife in the conjugal mitzva, i. The term his feet is understood here as a euphemism for intercourse. Mishneh Torah, Forbidden Intercourse

JDate offers a huge list of features for all of their members, including Flirts, chat, forums, listings of Jewish-related events, television shows, dating advice from a Rabbi, eCards, hot lists, the ability to see who else is online, and a newsfeed full of related events and information.

So, why go after Jswipe, specifically, and not the entire online dating scene? Jcrush , Jwed , Jzoog are just a few of the Jewish dating apps on the market. Spark Networks refused to comment to the Ferenstein Wire on the pending suit, but the case appears to a bullying tactic to incentivize Jswipe to sell the company. Jswipe Founder David Yarus confidentially confessed his legal troubles to me when we first met in Eden, Utah for a weekend gathering hosted by the convening group, Summit.

While Jdate may have a tight legal case, the court of public Jewish opinion might be trickier. There is extensive biblical case law regarding competition between Jewish businesses, which is largely designed to protect small towns from economic civil war. Traditional Jewish law prioritizes efficiency and community, especially for small towns, above the unforgiving capitalistic forces of creative destruction.

But, there are exceptions to rules forbidding competition between Jews. Jewish law, he tells the Ferenstein Wire, permits unlimited competition for services essential to the continuation of the faith. For instance, Yaffe notes that the rockstar Rabbi Maimonides argued it was permissible to open competitive Jewish schools within the same town translated: In other words, the existence of Jswipe and other Jewish dating startups that use similar technology increases the number of Jewish couples, which means more Jewish babies.

American patent law has a different standard for trademark infringement. Legally, Jdate might have a viable trademark and patent case against Jswipe, thanks to the quirky American intellectual property system. Under the current IP regime, it is possible for Jdate to hold intellectual property over any software the discreetly matches two people based on their interests.

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Divine simplicity Judaism is based on a strict monotheism and a belief in one single, indivisible, non-compound God. The Shema Yisrael , one of the most important Jewish prayers, encapsulates the monotheistic nature of Judaism: The Lord is our God; the Lord is one.

The Shiksa’s Guide to Dating Jewish Men Simon Spotlight Entertainment Given the rate of intermarriage in America, which hovers at slightly over fifty percent, it would seem there is little need for Grish’s Shiksa’s Guide to Dating Jewish Men —everyone is succeeding just .

You mean a date? There is much misconception about shidduchs. Two sets of parents agreeing on a marriage for their children with out even consulting the feelings of the children themselves. Or maybe it is the Jewish version of the blind date. At any rate it has been the butt of jokes and scoffed at by the modern sophisticated youth. Yet after a dearth of unsuccessful marriages and a fling of shacking up together as a prerequisite for a successful marriage that some how ends up sour, many young adults are reviving their interest in the old established Jewish traditional ‘shidduch’.

Shidduchs are very common amongst the religious for centuries as the proper means to meet their life mate. It has proved successful for many generations until it fell into disrepute in the face of the romantic dating. What is the difference between a shidduch and a date? Well for one, tachlis, the end goal, makes the difference.

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Jewish law prohibits causing unnecessary suffering to animals Animals can be used to satisfy legitimate needs, like food and clothing Pets are permitted, but cannot be physically altered, and may cause complications Jewish law is compatible with a vegetarian diet, but involves some use of leather Herod also got together a great quantity of wild beasts, and of lions in very great abundance, and of such other beasts as were either of uncommon strength or of such a sort as were rarely seen.

These were trained either to fight one with another, or men who were condemned to death were to fight with them. And truly foreigners were greatly surprised and delighted at the vast expenses of the shows, and at the great danger of the spectacles, but to the Jews it was a palpable breaking up of those customs for which they had so great a veneration. A righteous man knows the soul of his animal – Proverbs Cruelty to Animals Judaism places great stress on proper treatment of animals.

The ethics of study abroad in Israel of the Jewish people that has since the origins of Zionism included many who have honorably criticized and even fought against its racist ideologies in the.

Like most dating sites, users pay a fee and compose a profile. The database gives the matchmaker access to potentially thousands more singles than he or she could otherwise come to know. When a match seems promising, the matchmaker releases profiles and pictures to both parties. If both agree, they can schedule a date. Jennifer Wise Miller, a married social worker and volunteer matchmaker with JMontreal, requests a call after the first date. Often, she gets much more. There was the woman, for example, who wondered why her date would ask nothing deeper than where she liked to shop.

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What do Jews do on Christmas? Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, most stores, restaurants and many offices are closed on Christmas. Quite the contrary, in fact. Here is what non-Christians typically do on Christmas. Eating Chinese food is the ultimate Jewish Christmas tradition.

In the newest addition to the Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices series, co-editors Elliot Dorff and Danya Ruttenberg have brought together a diverse group of Jews to comment on how Judaism affects their views and actions regarding sex.

This is primarily because the Jewish calendar is lunar based on the cycles of the moon whereas the Gregorian calendar is solar based on the cycles of the sun. A lunar year has 12 months containing 29 or 30 days each, which yields a day year. To ensure the Jewish festivals always fall in the same season each year, an additional month Adar II is added seven times every 19 years to make up the difference.

Jewish Years Determining what marks the Jewish new year is a bit complicated. Based on Exodus However, the year number changes on Rosh Hashanah, which is on the first of Tishrei, the seventh month of the religious year. Then there is Tu B’Shvat 15 Shvat , which is the new year “for trees.

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We are a group of professors and graduate students in social psychology at the University of Virginia, The University of California Irvine , and the University of Southern California. Our goal is to understand the way our “moral minds” work. Why do people disagree so passionately about what is right? Why, in particular, is there such hostility and incomprehension between members of different political parties?

## What is Kabbalah? Kabbalah is the mystical form of Judaism. Broadly speaking, Kabbalah refers to Jewish mysticism dating back to the time of the second .

Since Jewish dating customs within the many streams of Orthodoxy can differ greatly, the dating services available can vary widely from one to another. Modern Orthodox Jews who are looking for a date tend to be quite open to Jewish dating services online. These websites strive to connect old and young Jewish singles, using tools such as photos, email, message boards, chatting, instant messaging and more. The Jewish dating network online has exploded, and there have been tens of thousands of successful matches made in this way.

Many people also enjoy taking advantage of Shabbatons for singles. These events take place over a Shabbat, which is from Friday evening until Saturday evening. There are Shabbatons for singles taking place all over the world. These events are very popular and are a great way to meet other young Jewish singles. They are generally more successful when they are held within an established Jewish community, as opposed to a far-off retreat, with the singles eating their Shabbat meals at hosts who have volunteered to offer up a meal or two.

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Ancient Greece Ancient Greece was the birthplace of Western philosophical ethics. The ideas of Socrates c. The sudden flowering of philosophy during that period was rooted in the ethical thought of earlier centuries. In the poetic literature of the 7th and 6th centuries bce, there were, as in other cultures , moral precepts but no real attempts to formulate a coherent overall ethical position.

The Greeks were later to refer to the most prominent of these poets and early philosophers as the seven sages , and they are frequently quoted with respect by Plato and Aristotle.

Mar 16,  · Jewish wedding from Israel dressed in their traditional Jewish clothing and dancing Temani as well as playing the Shofar.

Siddur and Jewish liturgy Piyyut Classical Jewish poetry Many traditional Jewish texts are available online in various Torah databases electronic versions of the Traditional Jewish Bookshelf. Many of these have advanced search options available. Jewish legal literature Main article: According to rabbinic tradition, there are commandments in the Torah. Some of these laws are directed only to men or to women, some only to the ancient priestly groups, the Kohanim and Leviyim members of the tribe of Levi , some only to farmers within the Land of Israel.

Many laws were only applicable when the Temple in Jerusalem existed, and only of these commandments are still applicable today. These oral traditions were transmitted by the Pharisee school of thought of ancient Judaism and were later recorded in written form and expanded upon by the rabbis. The Oral law is the oral tradition as relayed by God to Moses and from him, transmitted and taught to the sages rabbinic leaders of each subsequent generation.

For centuries, the Torah appeared only as a written text transmitted in parallel with the oral tradition. Fearing that the oral teachings might be forgotten, Rabbi Judah haNasi undertook the mission of consolidating the various opinions into one body of law which became known as the Mishnah. The commentaries from each of these communities were eventually compiled into the two Talmuds , the Jerusalem Talmud Talmud Yerushalmi and the Babylonian Talmud Talmud Bavli.

These have been further expounded by commentaries of various Torah scholars during the ages.


Click here for a n Orthodox answer by Rabbi Eric Kotkin There are two days on the Jewish calendar that were considered the most joyous among the Jews of the Temple period: The two holidays actually have a number of themes in common, but clearly Yom Kippur as the Biblical Day of Atonement is much better known. Tu B’Av was the day during the times of the Temple that the Jews stopped cutting wood for the Temple each year, which was a day of great rejoicing since they could rest from this particular labor.

In this way it is connected to Yom Kippur since Yom Kippur was the day on which the most elaborate Temple rituals took place. It was on both these days as well the daughters of Israel would go out in borrowed white clothing in order to meet prospective husbands. Because of this, modern Israelis observe it as a Jewish “Valentine’s Day”, but this is not how traditional Jews understand it.

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A Question of Evidence. This was the first time since the excavation of the Qumran settlement in that the question had been raised. Albright to the mid first century BCE. This period was based on palaeographic analysis of the script. Dating this time was based upon ceramic typology. We may rest assured. As we have seen in the previous two posts there are very good reasons for understanding occupation of Qumran was seasonal and that it was generally deserted every summer.

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Free dating or paid? Both commercial and free Jewish personals offer a relatively easy and comfortable mechanism for finding potential dates through the net. In recent years, internet based dating services gradually replaced the traditional old fashioned Jewish dating matchmakers Shidduch and agencies, which were pretty popular until the last century, before the internet entered our lives.

Such websites offer the same advanced features and services that the general sites do with one major difference: These free or paid sites enable their members to search and browse user profiles based on criteria such as age, gender, location, education, background, lifestyle, interests, level of observance and other parameters. For example, for some singles it’s absolutely essential that their partner will speak English, Hebrew or even Yiddish.

The Jewish Ethicist is a joint project of and the Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem. To find out more about business ethics and Jewish values for the workplace, visit the JCT Center for Business Ethics website at

An advisory board of rabbis and doctors consisting of no less than three members is always be maintained. Any changes to the advisory board must be approved by a majority of the advisory board and the board of directors. The purpose of the advisory board to guide and assist the society regarding choosing topics and speakers for events. They serve as sounding boards, mentors and guides to insure the continuity of the society. Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Vice President of University and Community Life, infuses the student body with a spirit of leadership and sense of commitment to the Jewish people and society.

Rabbi Edward Reichman, M. Then, Now, and Beyond – This conference reviewed the history and rabbinic literature of infectious disease, the recent outbreaks of the Zika and Ebola viruses, and hospital infection and antibiotic resistance. Reichman on the Jewish legal quandaries in infectious diseases, Dr.

Neil Vora of the U.

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