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I’m sure there are a lot of fans who love the sexy queen. By the way, Hyuna is having a hard time now. Do you know why? Hyuna is the only member who decided to renew her contract with the k-pop agency, and Cube Entertainment has high expectation for her now because she is a super star and the agency believes that she alone can earn as much money as 4minute. That’s why Hyuna held a world tour in North America early this year. But that’s not all.

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In addition, she discusses about her future goals and when she would retire from performing. Check out the interview below: When do you think you are the sexiest? In fact, being sexy for me is like a cover-up.

Today we’re going to spend a little bit of time talking about Korean artists who often lend their voices to Kpop collabs. Hear a little about their backstory, and some of the Kpop songs they have featured on.

She has been seen in Tony Moly commercial. Religion Her religious beliefs are not known. As a part of girl group 4Minute The band released their first album Diamond on December 15, in Japan. It was a Japanese language album. It reached 10 in Korea, 27 in Japan, and 7 in Taiwan. It was a cameo appearance.

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Please refer to this site: My Korean friend visit me yesterday and we were talking a lot about Kpop. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. But I really, really, really want to share the stories here. Most of the stories are old stories that already here mostly in My Korean Celeb Secrets thread.

Това е един списък на всички корейски сериали преведени на български във Vbox7, които успях да намеря.

She graduated from Konkuk University , in Contemporary Arts, and received special admission into the school. However, her Chinese teacher told her that it sounded bizarre in Mandarin pinyin: She participated in the group’s debut mini album The Wonder Begins , released in February Hyuna left Wonder Girls in July, when she was removed by her parents due to their concern over her health, particularly chronic gastroenteritis and fainting spells.

In May , it was announced that she would debut as part of the girl group 4Minute. Debut with 4Minute and solo career beginnings[ edit ] Hyuna middle performing as a member of 4Minute at Dongguk University in Hyuna collaborated with Lee Gi-kwang on the song ” ” for his debut album First Episode: A New Hero, and also appeared in the music video of his single “Dancing Shoes,” which was released on March 30, On August 13 she rapped for Navi’s song “Wasteful Tears” and she also appeared in the music video.

Hyuna also featured in Brave Brothers ‘ song “Bittersweet,” released August Their first digital single “Tomorrow” was released on October 6, , and the official music video was released on October 12, starring actor Lee Dong-gun. Hyuna also participated in the South Korean variety show Invincible Youth. Hyuna second from left performing as a member of 4Minute at the Asia Song Festival in October

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Because I never had this feeling that my heartbeat is racing! When I watch them I always feel that my heartbeat is beating fast! They are so perfect! I’m sorry to say this but I think Sulli is more better than Krystal for Minho! I really believe in this couple! I’m very sure both of them are in a relationship!

Jan 24,  · A recent photo of F.T. Island‘s, Lee Hongki, holding a girl’s hand while fondly walking on the street has spread on the online communities.

HyunA Knowles files lawsuit against White Entertainment, Tiffany Taeyeon — accuses White of terrorism and more Above HyunA poses for photographers before the press conference Idol singer HyunA Knowles has filed lawsuits against White Entertainment and plane crash survivor Tiffany Taeyeon, who was just discovered alive late last week after being missing for 10 months in the Bermuda Triangle. Knowles made the shock announcement at a press conference held today in the ballroom of the Hilton Hotel in Seoul.

The controversial singer arrived three hours late for the conference, blaming paparazzi for the delay. She stepped out of a hot pink limousine wearing a traditional hanbok while accompanied by large team of lawyers, and was quickly swarmed by screaming reporters and photographers. The songstress pushed her way through the crowd and made her way to the hotel’s garden area, where she posed for photos for twenty minutes before heading into the ballroom to begin the conference.

My name is HyunA Knowles, best known as the world’s first ‘supermodel idol’, member of Korea’s biggest group Girls’ Revolution, and as K-pop’s 1 superstar diva,” she said, a serious tone in her voice as she bowed and introduced herself. She then continued, “Thank you to everyone for coming out and showing your concern and support. As my legal team previously stated through my official twitter account, this conference is to set the record straight on Tiffany Taeyeon’s sudden return.

It’s too much for me and I refuse to remain a silent victim while these crimes take place. I’ve trusted Tiffany and Trina unnies with my life, which is what made it so easy for them to trick me.

Hyunseung and hyuna confirmed dating services

Yeah, I’m gonna do that again. Girl, that’s not what stilletos are for! Ugh, not loving her voice in the first verse. Girl, what you got down throat to make it sound like that? HyunA and red is a good combination.

You and hyuna have the same birthday today. I always support you since you from beast and you always tease hyuna while you at cube entertainment and friendly to hyuna and another member too. They have been dating for 2 years now, since I am beyond happy for them.

When I saw him first, I was just surprised because his face is so small. He’s not tall, but his body proportion was perfect. As he’s humorous, and at the same time, he’s a real man, he is really popular among so many kpop female idols. His ideal woman is someone who is sexy and has an enthusiastic attitude. And she has to love Gikwang exclusively. There has been a rumor that Gikwang and Hyuna were deeply involved with each other.

Even before they made contracts with Cube entertainment, the two were in a close relationship as trainees of JYP. The rumor is as follows. Gikwang and Hyuna got related when they were trainees, and Hyuna had to have an abortion.

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Hyuna is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and performer known for her unique voice, upbeat music, insanely sexy but cute image, and for breaking down barriers for women in K-pop and promoting confidence over everything, making her a role model for girls everywhere. Photo Courtesy of YouTube. And this is mine. Recently though, the singer has been making headlines and causing a stir in the industry—all because of her dating life.

Their close relationship was also shown in behind the scenes clips and during performances.

lumi Jun 11 am hello Taecyeon, you are The Best Star, great man, strong personality, hot, great actor and singer. you are my favorite in 2PM, so natural, just the way you are. i wish you all the best in the world. i”m from Romania. no importa che dice il mundo, tu eres unico, spero che vas a incontrar una chica buena che te ama de.

Showcasing their 3 power members, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Eunjung, as well as trying to promote their newest member, Ahreum, T-ara N4 brought out not only a dance version but also a drama version of ‘Countryside Life’. Watch the videos below if you haven’t already: First and foremost, let me explain this is an unbiased opinion. Before their controversy, I never really followed T-ara, not being a fan or an anti-fan but just a person who listened to their music.

After their controversy, I still remained that way because, hey, not my fandom, not my problem. The song The song was actually Despite my previous doubts after listening to their Japanese comeback song ‘Bunny Style’ and gagging, I actually do like this song. It has a sort of ‘Lovey Dovey’ and ‘Roly Poly’ feel to it, those two songs basically being the songs that rose T-ara to their high popularity in the first place. Though the man rapping and was somewhat spontaneous, I really grew to like it.

In fact, it kind of just gave us all a slap in the face and a “I don’t listen to T-ara because of who they are or what they did, I listen to T-ara because their music is the shit”. The dance version was actually pretty decent, too, the only negative to it is the constant flickering of lights that gave me three and a half seizures. The dance The dance is great, the most memorable part of it being that little “boob-roll, turn head” move they did during the chorus. I feel like the dance really fit the song and just kind of showed that T-ara just doesn’t give a fuck, anymore.

Creating yet another chart-topping song is just one thing they accomplished, but maybe

#Highlight: Former BEAST Members To Debut Under New Name

I take my Ipod and put it on my bag with the headphones still on my head. Okay, I think this has gone too much. When I open the door, everybody moves away. They know what they should do. I, Kim Hyuna, is the super famous and richest girl in this school.

HyunA was also one-half of sub-unit Trouble Maker with ex BEAST Hyuna & E’Dawn Confirm They Have Been Dating For 2 Years. 3 Solo Artistes That Will Make Their Comeback Soon. Hoya Leaves INFINITE & Woollim Entertainment.

BEAST fans, your favourite group will now go under another name. The members chose to give up their previous name and begin anew as they did not want fans to wait too long for them. We are in the process of making the first studio album under this group name and working hard to show you our new improved selves. We want to thank everyone who waited for this news until now. We want to thank everyone who supported us throughout this journey. We were not able to use our past name but thanks to all the hard work and support, we are now here.

We want to thank director Hong Seung Sung for bring the members from Cube and creating Highlight with us. New beginnings are always frightening and one has to be careful. We are here because we refused to give up and wanted to chase what we loved and cherished. I hope that those who read this letter we wrote will love the 5 members of Highlight even more, and that fans will be able to continue to once again freely call them by their new group name.

Yoon Dujun, Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gikwang, Son Dongwoon, these 5 members of Highlight will still be together, and we would like to ask for even more of your love and attention so Highlight can continue strong.

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People seem to either love her or hate her. In essence, love for Hyuna stems from a place of hate. And there is a lot of hate to go around. They were just there to lift her up and to compensate for her shortcomings. And there are a lot of shortcomings.

BEAST’s lead vocal Jang Hyun Seung is now blamed for his fan meeting absence. Strong doubts have been raised concerning BEAST member Jang Hyun Seung(26)’s absconding without notice .

Burdens placed on Hyuna’s shoulders Burdens placed on Hyuna’s shoulders Wednesday, April 19, 4minute , beast , Behind The News , cube entertainment , female star , hyuna , sexy star , solo , Triple H Do you like Hyuna? I’m sure there are a lot of fans who love the sexy queen. By the way, Hyuna is having a hard time now. Do you know why? Hyuna is the only member who decided to renew her contract with the k-pop agency, and Cube Entertainment has high expectation for her now because she is a super star and the agency believes that she alone can earn as much money as 4minute.

That’s why Hyuna held a world tour in North America early this year. But that’s not all. Even though Jang Hyunseung still belongs to Cube Entertainment, the agency doesn’t have the other 5 popular and talented members any more. Cube hopes Hyuna will make them famous. Well, what do you think?

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Now I’m just going to go with how I feel. I will never, never stop. I didn’t want to like them, I wanted to get the song out of my head I wanted nothing more than to listen to their songs so people could just shut up about them already I failed and I’ve never been so pleased!

Mar 28,  · Hyuna’s been the subject of a number of controversies with her solo album ‘Change‘ being hit with a 19+ age rating in She released her mini-album ‘ Bubble-Pop ‘ in but the dance component was partially banned due to “ racy content “.

The band consists of five members: Original member Jang Hyun-seung officially left the group in April Later that year, the five remaining members moved labels from Cube Entertainment to Around Us Entertainment and subsequently changed their name to Highlight in As Beast, the group released three Korean full-length albums, nine Korean mini-albums, two Japanese full-length albums, and numerous singles.

In , they released their first full-length album, Fiction and Fact, and made their Japanese debut with the single, “Shock” Japanese Version. Beast initially received attention for the lack of industry success previously experienced by its members, with media outlets referring to them as “a group of recycled material. The name was changed to “Beast” before their debut, but the group retains the original stylisation in all their promotional material.

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