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Looking out over the edge of the restaurant balcony you can even see a change in colour at the point where the two oceans meet. Although the menu varies due to seasonality, it always features four types of exotic game. The crocodile meat tastes remarkably like chicken, and ostrich, zebra, gnu and kudu have all been known to feature on the buffets. So if you want to attempt to eat a whole croc in one sitting, then this is the place to go. The food at both prisons is fantastically cheap and all the inmates have received qualifications and training in the positions that they hold. Search for supernovas as you await your soup, or track comets in between courses. The food at this restaurant is fantastic: Enjoy traditional African cuisine under safari tents, listening to the beat of djembe drum. The baobab trees inside the giant tent add to the mystical ambience of the restaurant, and guests can watch traditional Mali puppet shows as they enjoy their meals.


Ivan Marx and his team has many years experience in the dental industry. All work carry a 5 Year Guarantee. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you, and a smile marred by stained or damaged Dr Winston Van Wyk in Sandton … http: Spiros Kavalieratos is dedicated to excellence in general dentistry such as cleanings, restorations, and maintenance.

RoomFive is your upmarket, perfect venue, situated in the Rivonia Village Shopping Centre with secure parking and 24 hour security. Look and Feel: The venue consists of beautiful grey walls and a patterned 40m wall, walnut wood panelled entrance walls and manicured plastered, white ceilings with charcoal carpets throughout.

Health News ‘It girl’ Jazzy de Lisser, 17, breaks taboos on hepatitis C Since birth, year-old Jazzy de Lisser has suffered from the insidious virus hepatitis C, which attacks the liver and often leads to cirrhosis. Valerie Phillips By Cassandra Jardine Gorgeous, wealthy and well-connected, she has every ingredient for the role. Her stepfather is the former racing driver Johnny Dumfries, now the Marquess of Bute.

Healthy eating is a religion in this household where both mother and daughter need to care for their livers. Jazzy, who is wearing the standard teen uniform of summer dress and biker boots, accessorised with friendship bracelets, sips at a cloudy health drink to help her get over the side-effects of a recent treatment for the hepatitis. Her long blond hair, which this winter fell out in handfuls, is slowly growing back, she says, patting the reassuring little tufty bits.

The eczema and rages she suffered from are now mostly gone, though she is still unnaturally tired. The night before we met, Jazzy confessed to Serena that she felt nervous about speaking publicly about her illness, but she is over those nerves now, talking with a quiet resolution that shows unusual maturity. Over the past two years, while studying for four A-levels, Jazzy has set up a charity, made an award-winning film and commissioned another.

Her latest incarnation is as a party planner, raising funds to support research into liver disease, the fifth biggest cause of death in Britain.

THE WESLEY (Bryanston, Greater Johannesburg)

He was killed on the spot. The boat tipped over and both were thrown into the water. It was obviously quite deep because one of them was waving for help. Help arrived, but too late.

Jan holds a dinner once a week from her home in Bryanston and occasionally luncheons on a Sunday or public holiday. Dinner Club Events Dinners are mostly held on Fridays and luncheons on Sundays.

Nikki View All The world of dating, with all its unpredictable qualities, can be scary. Unfortunately, anxiety about where to go, what to talk about and likability can dominate the mind and sabotage a potentially great first date. Fear not, this list will put to bed one of the core anxieties we all experience — where to go to increase the chances of a successful first date.

Possums On Burnside If you are looking for a peaceful, relaxed and comfortable space filled with art elements, this is the perfect place. This spot is best for afternoon dates. In that case, 86 Public is calling your name! This restaurant is located in the vibrant area of Braamfontein, so a great vibe and a good time are almost always certain.


The food was superb. Will definitely be coming again. Thank you to all staff Love this place so much. Many a choices for drinks and food. Bedrooms so gorgeous and clean great views.

Hannah’s friends told her to stay away from Charlton, he was a weirdo they said, and besides a bloke by the name of Normanton was interested in dating her. One evening Charlton and Holroyd went to a temperance meeting and were walking back to her home when Normanton stopped to have a chat.

Share this article Share Although it has never been proven, Wallis was accused of having a relationship with Joachim Von Ribbentrop, Hitler’s Ambassador to London, and of giving him details of British troop movements during the Second World War. The modern eat-in kitchen is a blend of white and dark wood with resin work surfaces and a solid wood breakfast island. And of course, nothing less than top of the range Gaggenau appliances throughout The apartment, ow on sale with a whopping price tag with upmarket property agents, Rokstone and Russell Simpson, has had a very modern facelift since its days as Ms Simpson’s love pad True love: The couple together in left , the year they married and two decades later in right The 2, sqft flat has a huge entrance hall, opulent living and dining areas with original sash windows and bespoke carpentry and comes complete with antique mirrored furniture.

The three large bedrooms are all done out in a neutral colour palette and each feature ensuite bathrooms. The 2, sqft flat has a huge entrance hall, opulent living and dining areas with original sash windows and bespoke carpentry and comes complete with antique mirrored furniture The three large bedrooms are all done out in a neutral colour palette and each feature ensuite bathrooms Adorned in marble, the luxurious master bathroom includes a steam shower, TV and free-standing bath Adorned in marble, the luxurious master bathroom includes a steam shower, TV and stylish free-standing bath.

Becky Fatemi, managing director of Rokstone said: Bond Street, Mayfair and Knightsbridge and delightful Marylebone are all a short walk away, making it highly desirable for a professional looking for a London home or a growing family who want more space. Russell Simpson on Tel or visit www.


Elitism row as top universities miss state school targets 31 Mar But why? The story begins in The Belgian capital in the Seventies was all wild dinner parties, consciousness-raising groups and open marriages. So we children spent our free time loafing about, picking our toenails, waiting for the next meal.

One of the most profound lifestyle changes we were subjected to when moving to South Africa was the way we consumed books. Back home in the United States, going to .

Their acrimonious break-up was then played out in public on Twitter. Kate, left pictured with Electronica in February. Stop acting like a bitch. Yesterday, Ben announced his engagement to ex-model Jemima Jones, While Kidd shielded her bridal gown from snappers with a huge black cape — no doubt to preserve a lucrative magazine deal — Jo posted this picture on a social network.

Unkinder critics might suggest that the year-old ex-wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood could have done with a cover-up, too. Asked why they never wed, she said: The singer, who turned 56 on Saturday, has whisked Dutch-born Timor off on numerous exotic holidays, including to the French Riviera with her children this month. The eldest of her four children, Lourdes, is French dancer Brahim Zaibat, from whom Madonna split last December after three years, was Bob Dylan is said to have turned The Beatles on to cannabis when they were introduced at a hotel in New York in , but the meeting did not quite go as planned, it now emerges.

Maymudes took command of the drugs and the Fab Four were stunned by their quality. But Dylan was unable to contribute to the meeting of minds. A Life In View.

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This part of Johannesburg has many beautiful locations, mostly within walking distance and close to the Gautrain station. There is plenty of safe underground parking available, including Nelson Mandela Square and Sandton City. Icon Club Sophisticated nightclub experience for a mature and trendy crowd in the age group.

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Off to the shops I went and bought myself a brand spanking new Fitbit Flex. I loved everything about it, from the tracking of steps to the tracking of the food I was consuming, plus I could swim with my Flex. The highlight for me was the sleep tracking on the app, which was a huge wake-up call excuse the pun.

Fitbit helped me realise that I was ony getting 1. I literally trained my body to get more sleep thanks to my Fitbit. Yip, you heard right … another upgrade for me. I also bought the Alta HR for my year-old. Buying Skylar 10 a Fitbit has seen him lose 4kg and seriously improve his fitness level. This little one racks up approximately steps per day.

Ashton 14 who was diagnosed with anxiety disorder utilises the Relax mode which really helps with his anxiety levels.

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