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Lead actor Simon Baker in Simon Baker as consultant Patrick Jane —the show’s protagonist and the titular mentalist. Jane spent his childhood in traveling carnivals with his mean-spirited con-man father who taught him to see all outsiders as marks. After meeting his wife, Angela Ruskin, who was also a carny , the pair left carnival life. Honing the skills his father taught him, Jane became a successful psychic and medium. After using his ‘psychic’ skills to demeaningly describe serial killer Red John on television, which resulted in the murders of Angela and Charlotte Jane Patrick’s wife and daughter , Patrick works as a criminal consultant for CBI and later season 6 for the FBI. He has developed close friendships with his colleagues, especially his boss, Senior Special Agent Teresa Lisbon. He is driven by inconsolable remorse over the deaths of his wife and daughter, and while he usually presents a jocular, teasing face, he shows his darker side when dealing with his nemesis. At those times, Jane becomes intense, focused, and willing to go to great lengths to capture and even kill him. He marries Teresa Lisbon in the series finale, “White Orchids”.

The Mentalist: let the mind games begin: Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon’s romantic relationship

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Teresa Lisbon is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by Robin Tunney. Patrick Jane leans in to kiss Lisbon when asked to “Say it again”. The episode ends with the two of them kissing passionately as the screen fades to d by: Bruno Heller.

Will Jane and Lisbon’s wedding turn out according to plan in finale? Shiena Bernardino Thu 19 Feb 1: The two-hour double episode series finale vows to provide a bittersweet ending for the fans of the show, with Patrick Jane Simon Baker and Teresa Lisbon Robin Tunney finally walking down the aisle and starting another partnership, this time as husband and wife.

However, things do not run as smoothly as it should as an impending danger is lurking around the corner. In the first part of the series finale titled “Brown Shag Carpet,” Jane once again agrees to act like a seasoned psychic as bait so that the FBI can zero in on a serial killer. But of course, Jane and the team succeed in finding out who the killer is. As his form of celebration, Jane pops the long awaited question to Lisbon before the end of the hour.

In the next installment, Lisbon finally accepts Jane’s marriage proposal on the final part of the episode titled “White Orchids. The 12th and 13th episodes of “The Mentalist,” which also happens to be the series finale of the police procedural mystery, will air on Wednesday, Feb.

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Este carga llevo a que Jane tuviera un enorme sentimiento de culpa. Como resultado de su culpabilidad en el asesinato, Jane tuvo un colapso mental. En el episodio , Red Dawn, fue revelado que Jane estubo en el manicomio por seis meses. Un lado oscuro surge cuando se trata de Red John. Como a menudo parece ser, las acciones de Jane revelan detalles cruciales en las investigaciones del asesinato.

May 18,  · The mentalist Jane and Lisbon finally kiss in the season 5 finale.

Report Story She sat there completely aghast and so lost for words she wanted the ground to swallow her whole. The single word that remained in her vocabulary was, yes. She wanted to, to make the situation easy. But the easy way wasn’t always the right way, she had years in law enforcement to prove that. Hearing the silence, he somehow felt relieved He wanted her to marry him, but he was glad that he had found a woman capable of making a realistic decision.

They’d only been dating a few weeks, although they’d both grown incredibly fond of each other, but he couldn’t help feeling that their love was unbalanced. He wanted this to be her decision. I really do-” He broke her off with a kiss and she thanked the Lord for the help she’d requested. She hated herself and felt so embarrassed.

The Mentalist: The Complete Seventh and Final Season on April 28th

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The Mentalist Season 6 finale at last offered some moments of happiness for fans as Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon finally expressed their love for each other and ended the episode with a.

Reply A surprisingly good episode from The Mentalist for the second week in a row. The plot was a little predictable, perhaps, but not enough to stop one enjoying the twists and turns of its unraveling. As always, it grates somewhat that Jane does all the work for the team — did they never solve crimes before he got there? This episode also struck a workable balance between Red John fare and murder of the week.

That balance has been missing for a long time. This season, perhaps more than any before, is very much about Red John. That has often overpowered the rest of the show and, somewhere along the way, plot advancement and character development were sacrificed. Not so this week. We are, of course, referring to Bob Kirkland and his relationship to Red John. That was basically confirmed this week. That was only to be expected.

Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon

Character background[ edit ] In the episode ” Red Badge “, it is revealed, whilst talking with her psychiatrist, that Lisbon’s mother was killed by a drunk driver when she was twelve, and later in the same episode it is mentioned that Lisbon was formerly an inspector detective for the San Francisco Police Department SFPD , and at the time worked for then-SFPD Lieutenant Sam Bosco. She also accidentally admits that after her mother’s death, her father was sometimes abusive towards her and her three younger brothers, and that he would suffer blackouts from his alcoholism.

Her father eventually committed suicide. In the episode ” Red Tide “, [1] it was implied that the young Teresa had to take over the maternal role and care for the family after her mother’s death.

Patrick Jane is a fictional character and the protagonist of the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by Simon Baker. Teresa Lisbon, appears to doubt his sincerity in this regard. Jane initially joined the CBI one year after the death of his wife and d by: Bruno Heller.

Il se doute de lui. Two years is a long time apart when you only have dreams to sustain you. Summary sucks, story probably too, still, I try. Give it go if you feel like it: Rating it T just to be sure, might change if I continue with the story. Abbott Red Eyes by hoppa reviews Set during 4. What if Jane and Lisbon’s conversation about Tommy’s new job had ended a bit differently? This is an AU Jisbon fic.

Life Goes On Chapter 1: Prologue, a mentalist fanfic

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Jisbon is a fanbase-coined shipper term for the possibility of a romantic relationship between CBI consultant Patrick Jane and team leader Teresa Lisbon on The Mentalist. It is a minor, but popular, element of the show.

He is unconventional and commonly defies police procedure, often acting without apparent empathy for suspects or families suffering losses. His past is revealed slowly through five of the show’s seven seasons. The revelations come through flashbacks and Jane’s statements. In the episode ” Throwing Fire ” it is revealed that Jane was raised by a swindler father who included his young son in his carnival psychic act, touting Jane as “the boy wonder”.

Jane never went to school, as revealed in the episode ” Rose-Colored Glasses “. He married Angela Ruskin, who was from a similar background, her family being members of a traveling carnival and ” carnival royalty “. The couple had a daughter, Charlotte. He has kept the incident a secret from his CBI co-workers, and it is not in his records.

“The Mentalist” Ring Around the Rosie (TV Episode )

Call me strange, but I want ONE show where the “will they or wont they” focus is not on the main characters. Plus I don’t think this show is set up for the hook-up to work effectively, and they don’t have enough chemistry. It’s not like they’re Booth and Bones. I like the tall guy and the girl with the red hair for each other.

The Mentalist Season 6 finale at last offered some moments of happiness for fans as Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon finally expressed their love for each other and ended the episode with a passionate kiss.

Thanks to the murder of Patricks wife, the romance didnt exactly get off to fast start, and it wasnt until six seasons later that fans even got a first kiss The infant weighed in at 6 lbs. Though Jane is abducted by a serial killer in the first of two episodes Wednesday What should viewers expect from Wednesday’s Feb. I was very worried about how we would be able to tie up the show in a respectful way, and also give the fans something that made their seven years earned.

We wanted to give them something very special, and there’s a lot of expectation. There was a lot of darkness on the show with the Red John story line and all, but I think this going to leave them with an optimistic, great taste in their mouths. While the characters’ futures are still a little ambiguous, it ties it up in a way where there’s a lot of hope — and it’s funny, and it’s romantic and it’s satiating.

There’s nothing more frustrating than staying with something for seven years, only for it to give you an ambiguous ending. It’s sort of like “The Mentalist” doing romantic comedy, and it’s On Wednesday’s new episode – the penultimate installment before next week’s series finale – Jane seems to have met his mental A series regular did indeed die in the episode. Zap2it spoke with Josie Loren, who plays the now-deceased FBI newbie Michelle Vega, about what the character’s demise will mean for the show — and particularly for Patrick Jane Simon Baker — and how she found out about Vega’s passing.


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Teresa Lisbon Jane is a fictional character in the American television series, The Mentalist. She is portrayed by Robin Tunney. Contents[show] Biography Early Years Lisbon was raised in Chicago. Her mother was a nurse, and her father a firefighter. (Red Hot) Her parents bought the yellow house.

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